"I hope your apple pie is freakin' worth it"

My name is Jade. I am 17 years young.This blog is mainly dedicated to the amazing tv show Supernatural. Also obsessed with Veronica Mars, The Vampire Diaries, Reign, Dollhouse, Orphan Black and Glee. <333

@JensenAckles: Last day of episode 200! Me and @jarpad sittin where we belong.

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Not Trying vs. Really Not Trying

 Gif Request by Greta --> 7.08

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I’m Katherine Pierce. I’m a survivor.

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"Without Maslany’s ability to play five-plus different women, the Canadian/British sci-fi show would fall apart, becoming some sort of Sunday afternoon syndicated piece of generic trash rather than a show that’s worthy of obsession." - x

"On BBC America’s "Orphan Black," Tatiana Maslany plays a half-dozen different roles, all of them wonderfully." - x

"The outrage is just — Maslany’s chameleonlike talents have landed her the cover of Entertainment Weekly and earned her professional recognition elsewhere: two Critics Choice Awards and a Golden Globe nomination, to start."- x

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